Legal: California strips Court Access of Todd Glassey and Michael McNeil to prevent election fraud disclosure!

California State officials block enforcement of USDC 14-03629/WHA against the State of California by court frauds!

In blocking review and Disclosure of Election Fraud in California Electorate from Santa Cruz 17-CV-01908/Burdick, a process which would have invalidated hundreds and tens of thousands of felony convictions made by Judges who were participants in election frauds, Glassey and McNeil have been stripped of their access to California Courts and those of ANY STATE WHO WOULD HONOR THE CALIFORNIA RULING AS IT PERTAINS TO THEIR OWN ELECTIONS.

Santa Cruz’s Judge Burdick made this ruling to block the review “of how Santa Cruz County from which he was elected complied with the Federal Ruling requirements from USDC 14-03629/WHA”.

He also blocked “review of state Elected staff, including his own receipt of funds from companies like Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Apple and many others directly tied to the USDC 14-03629/WHA Ruling’s effects”.

The effect of this was to stifle enforcement in the US of the USDC 14-03629/WHA ruling as it impacted the 2014, 16, and 18 elections as well as previous ones.

The ruling for instance was blocked for review by the Federal Election Commission created under the 2002 Help America Vote Act, one which made them responsible for certifying Voting Systems which they refused to do based on the USDC 14-03629/WHA ruling as it impacted them and elections past and present which were illegally tied to and which violated the terms of us of US6370629 methods in commercially available voting systems without full section §8 terms compliance of the Settlement in those uses.

The last thing California Judges want is the USDC 14-03629/WHA ruling reviewed since it will void many if not all of their rulings since those elections. Further, the ruling from the USDC very likely voided half or all of the seated State Supreme Court Justices by eliminating the legal validity of the six year reconfirmation vote.

As such, if this is true – California is left in a legal state of Limbo with no State Assembly or Senate to manage the State, no State Judges or other elected roles in any form, and keenly no elected Attorney General under whose authority to prosecute anyone, no State Secretary to  run the State Processes, no Lieutenant Governor or Governor to act as State Executives, and no State Elections Commissioner to act to replace them through new Elections. State Limbo is the best way to phrase that. The Seventh largest Economy on Earth, California is a void limbo based entity.

Interesting situation…

Author: TGlassey

General Director, Inventor, IP rights crusader, ExPat

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