NEWSFLASH: What parts of Microsoft Windows are not controlled by the S.F. USDC 14-03629/WHA ruling

Its pretty simple to answer this question. The issue is in truth… So how many parts of the Microsoft infrastructure, Windows, and key Cloud Systems are not controlled in the US by the USDC 14-03629/WHA or internationally by the seven US6370629 frauds? Will Microsoft answer it for you – we suggest you ask them.

See our post inside Linked in as to which portions of Windows are controlled by the USDC 14-03629/WHA ruling

Imagine what this does to Islamic Finance Systems relying on the application of Shariah? Its simply impossible to  implement them, or EU GDPR compliance in any form.


If Windows and Azure/Cloud services are controlled by the USDC 14-03629/WHA ruling, and also by the seven frauds (Australia AP54015/99, Brazil BR9904979A, Canada CA2287596a, EU EP0997808a3, Korea KR20000032593a, Japan JP2000163379a, and South Africa ZA9906799a)… then it also makes sense “this legal nightmare controls all software products built from the ten derivatives Microsoft has published without compliance with the US6370629 Settlement terms then, would it not”?

Those derivatives being those which are controlled under US6370629 Settlement terms US7511682, US7558884, US7577771, US7660914, US8188936, US20050243019, US20050243020, US20050262302, US20110314555, US9076128″. Controlled by Section 8.4 of the USDC 14-03629/WHA affirmed Settlement (download it here:

You tell us? What do you think?

If Cloud Services in your Nation are controlled by the USDC 14-03629/WHA ruling and impacted further by a criminal fraud pertaining to the seven Illegally filed and Abandoned instances of US6370629 like EP0997808a3 for instance… How can your nation legally use these materials?

NEWSFLASH: New brief as simple explanation on how us6370629 settlement controls location based services globally

See our new brief on Location Based Services and their use in GDPR and other requirements.

Click to access lbs-brief.pdf


NEWSFLASH: Patent and IP Recoveries Belarus publishes Brief on Open Market and EU issues with EP0997808a3 fraud

NEWSFLASH: For broadest distribution – The EP0997808a3 patent fraud breaks the structure of the EU’s OpenMarket

The Belarus instance of Patent and IP Recoveries Grup (Minsk) has published the following BRIEF: on GDPR and its supporting BRIEF: OpenMarket and Schengen implications analysis, pertaining to the EP0997808a3 fraud and the related USDC 14-03629/WHA Court Ruling in the US.

SUMMARY: To summarize any and all technology controlled by the USDC 14-03629/wha Ruling MUST APPLY ONLY CALIFORNIA STATE LAW TO ITS OPERATIONS, EVEN WHEN OPERATED IN EU NATIONS.

This means GDPR, OpenMarket One-Digital-Market and all related Open Internet Controls are void legally speaking. The underlying technology they are based on cannot be run outside of the limited scope provided for in the USDC 14-03629/WHA rulings unexpected consequences.

NO NET NEUTRALITY is POSSIBLE: Hence, there is NO NET NEUTRALITY per say, only California Law and California Personal Privacy Act (CPPA) controlling all information flowing across all digital channels in the EU today.


Legal: Patent and IP Recoveries completes Move from Delaware to Wyoming State!

Patent and IP Recoveries has successfully moved from Delaware to Wyoming State Registration and is now formally operating from Wyoming State registration.

This was done for a number of reasons but generally speaking the Delaware small company law is much more complex and isnt favorable in a number of emerging circumstances. See the PAGE with a link to the Registration Receipt if you like, above.

The movement of the company was completed last week (Aug 22/23 2019) with a board notice and the re-registration in Wyoming.

Legal: California strips Court Access of Todd Glassey and Michael McNeil to prevent election fraud disclosure!

California State officials block enforcement of USDC 14-03629/WHA against the State of California by court frauds!

In blocking review and Disclosure of Election Fraud in California Electorate from Santa Cruz 17-CV-01908/Burdick, a process which would have invalidated hundreds and tens of thousands of felony convictions made by Judges who were participants in election frauds, Glassey and McNeil have been stripped of their access to California Courts and those of ANY STATE WHO WOULD HONOR THE CALIFORNIA RULING AS IT PERTAINS TO THEIR OWN ELECTIONS.

Santa Cruz’s Judge Burdick made this ruling to block the review “of how Santa Cruz County from which he was elected complied with the Federal Ruling requirements from USDC 14-03629/WHA”.

He also blocked “review of state Elected staff, including his own receipt of funds from companies like Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Apple and many others directly tied to the USDC 14-03629/WHA Ruling’s effects”.

The effect of this was to stifle enforcement in the US of the USDC 14-03629/WHA ruling as it impacted the 2014, 16, and 18 elections as well as previous ones.

The ruling for instance was blocked for review by the Federal Election Commission created under the 2002 Help America Vote Act, one which made them responsible for certifying Voting Systems which they refused to do based on the USDC 14-03629/WHA ruling as it impacted them and elections past and present which were illegally tied to and which violated the terms of us of US6370629 methods in commercially available voting systems without full section §8 terms compliance of the Settlement in those uses.

The last thing California Judges want is the USDC 14-03629/WHA ruling reviewed since it will void many if not all of their rulings since those elections. Further, the ruling from the USDC very likely voided half or all of the seated State Supreme Court Justices by eliminating the legal validity of the six year reconfirmation vote.

As such, if this is true – California is left in a legal state of Limbo with no State Assembly or Senate to manage the State, no State Judges or other elected roles in any form, and keenly no elected Attorney General under whose authority to prosecute anyone, no State Secretary to  run the State Processes, no Lieutenant Governor or Governor to act as State Executives, and no State Elections Commissioner to act to replace them through new Elections. State Limbo is the best way to phrase that. The Seventh largest Economy on Earth, California is a void limbo based entity.

Interesting situation…

Program: Patent Stakes

The Patent and IP Recoveries grup announces Patent Stakes program (PSp).

This new stake based participation program allows individual and commercial investors to take stakes in a single or group of patents as a portfolio we file and provide licensing for.

  • Single patent instances
  • Patent family instances
  • Patent Portfolio

The intent is to allow investors and users to obtain early access and stake level participation from “Patent Applied For timeframes.

This provides for all levels of licensing for their own use and to participate in the processing and licensing as part of a Stake Pool member.

For more information on this unique new program please contact us directly.

Program: The CommonViewGPS (GNSS) Association

Welcome to the CommonViewGPS Users Association

We invite you to join us today! The CommonViewGPS Users Association is a licensing bureau for properly securing use of CommonViewGPS outside of laboratory conditions. It is a unique service bureau and provides legal coverage for parties using CommonViewGPS in operations requiring use licensing.

The Association, it’s structure, and global licensing program

The CommonViewGPS Users Association is a LLC who provides commercial entities, airports and shipping harbours, and National Authorities commercial licensing to use the privately owned CommonViewGPS service technology under Global IP licensing models.

The rights to use CommonViewGPS are commercially owned

If your entity or vehicular fleet is relying on CommonViewGPS today for calibrating it’s vessels or aircraft clock systems you need to obtain legal rights to use it’s services.

The CommonViewGPS Users Association is then who licenses users of CommonViewGPS globally (Outside the US), and is a derivative of the Patent and IT Recoveries (Restoration) Grup operations. It owns commercial rights for all non-USGovernment direct uses of CommonViewGPS based on it’s control of the sale from US Bankruptcy case CAND case 01-54207-mm. Laboratory uses are generally licensed for scientific research, but any and all commercial licensing is paid for on a yearly basis in a single payment model.

You can find the paperwork for this at the following hyperlinks:
1) here is formal NIST acceptance notice for the contract to build CommonViewGPS. Notice it was built for CertifiedTime Inc
2) here is CRADA 1681 itself… See pages 12, 13, and 14
3) here is a supporting joint press release between NIST and CertifiedTime about the development of CommonViewGPS and use of it in calibrating the US certified time clocks in Japan.
See also for a description of the Technologies built.
See also NIST description of CommonView itself, all key Methods controlled by CRADA 1681 and it’s sale:
4) Review the Sale Order of the US Bankruptcy Court in 01-54207-mm/San Jose selling off all contracts and certain gear in Japan.
5) now (today) all Commercial rights to CommonViewGPS belongs to Patent and IP Recoveries and is licensed to the CommonViewGPS Users Association

Airline, Shipping, National Memberships and securities or financial services licensing

Today there are four types of licenses available, Association Members, Aircraft Operators, Shipping Operators, and Government Use Releases.

Membership partners benefit as operators of the Association itself.

The other four (4) classes are based on a yearly fee model.

Aircraft Licenses are issued to air carrier’s or private companies priced depending in the Size of their Fleets.

Shipping and Oceanic Operators likewise pay a yearly fee based on the size of their Fleets.

Goverenment Licenses cover any and all uses for calibrating clocks in vehicles and computers but do not allow resale or redistribution of the services outside government uses, especially to Financial and Securities operations which form the the fourth group.

Contact Us

Contact Us for a membership package or use the contact us form on

LEGAL: DMCA requirements set by USDC 14-03629/WHA

DMCA requirements

The underlying US6370629 patent is expiring, but it is meaningless in regard to how the US District Court ruling for 14-03629/WHA effects surviving copyrighted Softwares.

The USDC 14-03629/WHA Ruling had unique and unexpected consequences in affirming section 8 requirements for the uses of the intellectual properties protected in US6370629 and US6393136 patents and the contractual controls for their use and licensing. Ones which persist until 2103 or later.

The Derivatives

Today, both patents have over 380 Derivatives (See each list at: ‘629, and ‘3126) in publication globally making them both Standards Enabling Patents (“SEP”) type patent publications.

Seven Frauds – the US6370629 instances illegally filed and abandoned

Additionally, there are a number of US6370629 instances which were illegally filed and then abandoned making the uses of US6370629 and it’s 275 or more derivatives a criminal antitrust events in many jurisdictions.

These frauds include Australia AP54015/99, Brazil BR9904979A, Canada CA2287596a, EU EP0997808a3, Republic of (South) Korea, KR20000032593a, Japan JP2000163379a, and South African ZA9906799a  when any software derived from US6370629 as well as any of the 275 or more published derivatives is sold into those jurisdictions it causes an additional  and ongoing endeavor as an antitrust matter.

The derivatives include listed there and above at links include 275 or more with these being just a few of them today:

Apple US6370629 derivatives controlled under US6370629 Settlement terms

US7710290, US8031050, US8060389, US8073565, US8108144, US8127246, US8175802, US8180379, US8204684, US8275352, US8290513, US8311526, US8332402, US8355862, US8359643, US8369867, US8385946, US8452529, US8463238, US8489669, US8538685, US8548735, US8644843, US8660530, US8670748, US8694026, US8738039, US8762056, US8774825, US8924144, US8930233, US8963686, US8977294, US8984059, US9066199, US9100793, US9109904,US9131342, US9237514, US9250092, US9310206, US9317867, US9414198, US2009000500

US7511682, US7558884, US7577771, US7660914, US8188936, US20050243019, US20050243020, US20050262302, US20110314555, US9076128

US7477903, US7522925 *, US8086695, US8135798, US20110185408, USRE43070

IBM derivatives controlled under the USDC 14-03629/WHA ruling
US20060031830, US6898628, US7000116, US7178031, US7752135, US20020138632, US20030135463, US20050015621, US20050060384, US20060015501

US7765163, US7843464, US8049766, US8184124, US8219495, US8286256, US8345062, US8838502, US20020188574, US20090113529

Symantec Corporation
US7640590, US7739494, US8312064, US8332947, US9038158.

The expiry of the underlying US6370629 patent does not change any of these requirements

There is a published brief here restating the following requirements:

  1. That any and all softwares or systems using those methods must accept any and all requirements stated in the Settlement documents per section 8.4 of the Judicially perfected Settlement terms.
  2. That any and all documents necessary to support that requirement must be created including updated end-user licenses and compliance terms agreement forms and the management program to support those operations
  3. That any and all softwares or systems using these methods are restricted to use under the laws of the State of California, and this means no other choice of law can be selected.

The impact of this to all Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Apple, eBay, PayPal, Cisco, Symantec, Sony, and others products speaks for itself. “No matter where on Earth those products are sold, they must apply only California law until they buy a release from those requirements.”


Think also how these derivatives and their being controlled by USDC 14-03629/WHA rulings perfecting of the US6370629 Settlement also impacts the GDPR Compliance. See our page on it here.

NEWSFLASH: PRA splits and forms US and foreign instances

The PRA has split

Its happened, the Patent and IP Recoveries LLC has done what his honors, Judge Bill Alsup told us we would need to do, we split into several Association LLCs each legally and nationally separate.

The second LLC itself was formed in an Eastern European CIS nation of Belarus and all Frauds and the sale of the 3 CRADAs separated to it.

The US instance itself is now only a limited beneficiary in the enforcement rights to satisfy certain California court orders…

We are looking for homes to spin the regional frauds out into for ME/Africa, Asia, and South American Operarions ae well.

This was done through a full transfer of ownership, of all key Frauds under the US entity and the three CRADAs.

The net-net is simply that the US Entity as a non-regional center could not offer settlement on anything but the US instances of Section 8 damages and copyright claims from the USDC 14-03629/WHA ruling, but it can do that. Our new structure takes advantage of regional international law to do the other damage enforcement matters.

The Eastern European Entity now controls the Frauds around US6370639 and US6393126. These include Australia AP54015/99, Brazil BR9904979A, Canada CA2287596a, EU EP0997808a3, Republic of (South) Korea, KR20000032593a, Japan JP2000163379a, and South African ZA9906799a as well as any of the 275 or more published derivatives which aresold into those jurisdictions causing an antitrust matter.

More news coming!

NEWSFLASH: European Commission served Notice of War Crimes Complaint.

NEWSFLASH:  21-September-2018 – FOR WIDEST POSSIBLE RELEASE – The EC has been Served Notice of War Crime and their infringement

As a supplement to the ICC #336/18 War Crime filing, The European Commission was served notice informally through President Juncker and his Director General of Competition both

“of the use and deployment of commerce, banking, and their weapons using EP0997808A3 or the related Canadian Patent Frauds IP”.

The European Commission was asked to formally notify their Members, and notice was independently served against the German and UK Governments.

Filing Dates

The implications are simply that:

“no European Commission and their European Union’s Member State can allow any party including NATO Nations to use in commerce, or to deploy goods or weapons, operate their Bankings including those of the Rothschild Cartel, which illegally use US6370629. Either in themselves or to any nation within their Jurisdictions, collectively and individually.

Especially to  and which are controlled by one or more of the other Illegal US6370629 Patents which was filed and abandoned.”


The process causes a War Crime to occur as well as an Anti-trust Matter directly.

The Documents:



ICC finally in 2019 decides to not prosecute filing, and amended filing coming. Stay tuned for more information.

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