Liquidations & Licensing, and Patent Stake programs.

Patent and IP Recoveries Group presents our three IP Programs here. We provide IP Liquidations, Limited and unlimited use IP Licensing, and our Patent Stake Program.

Patent and IP Recoveries is liquidating and partially liquidating three company estates, and is also Licensing a by “region-only use licensing” for the following three NIST CRADAS (1681, 1767, & 1809) and especially CommonViewGPS built under CRADA1681.

Liquidation: The CertifiedTime Inc Bankruptcy Estate liquidations (excluding CRADAs).

  1. CertifiedTime Inc BK software, product resale, and certain Development-rights sale was codified by the Sale Order from USBK – 01-54207-MM. The purchase of these assets are only available without CRADA1681. It is available for regional use licensing ONLY. See below for more information.
  2. CertifiedTime’s Stolen Atomic Clock Serial Numbers – likely in the Possession of NIST or “known as to whereabouts by MICROSEMI INC who is the sole provider of services for these two units. Can probably also be used as formal LOSS under IRC165.
  3. Oracle Database Server and related software licenses.

Licensing: CRADAS(1681,1767, & 1809)

For CRADA 1681 sale order, see the
Sale Order from USBK – 01-54207-MM at preceding link.

All CRADA use rights offered under the Regional Licensing program here can properly be licensed at the business or National Level.

  1. CRADA 1681 is available for regional use licensing ONLY through Minsk operations. This CRADA covers the NIST COMMONVIEW GPS development Contract CertifiedTime Inc. which was contracted to NIST for in 2000(see communications at end of CRADA file).

    This single CRADA is in fact the basis of all Metrology Laboratories and Military CommonViewGPS remote Precision Clock Calibration and Analysis services today.

    As to how it became the basis of all globally GNSS operations, after adoption and deployment in USGPS operations by USAF, the CRADA 1681 design methods were unfortunately handed off in numerous research papers by Federal and University staff, all failing to note it’s “licensed-use only IP”. This was then adopted by “all global metrology labs and Military without authorization, and is illegally used today outside the terms of the use licensing.

    Use Terms which were later affirmed and Judicially perfected against USG & USAF and NIST in USDC CAND 14-03629/WHA for all US6370629 and related CRADA wares use globally. We provide a commercial and Government-wide license program to Nations to correct this on a regional basis. A program operated through our Minsk operations center.

    Today CRADA1681 and it’s contract fully controls all NON-USG uses of L5-GPS, L2-GPS and all L1-GPS services as well as many other International uses including “any and all CommonView uses of Galileo or Baidu operations” as well.

    For more information   about NIST’s developmental uses of our technology see preceding link.

    Historically the CRADA 1681 services were successfully developed in 1999 and 2000 & deployed in 2001 and as proof the facility itself was operated by NIST for three calendar years in CertifiedTime Inc data centers in Tokyo Japan by CTI partner Amano Corp.

  2. CRADA 1767
    is available for regional use licensing ONLY through Minsk operations.
    CRADA 1767 controls the generation and provisioning of CRADA 1681 and related services from Governmental Time and Frequency Standards providers (aka from NIST T&F Calibration Services) as well as USAF, NSA and others.
  3. CRADA 1809 is Available for regional use licensing ONLY through Minsk operations.
    CRADA1809 provides for a method and operations practices for converging all USG Government Time Services into a single source. This is a NIST CRADA to address the split between 15-USC-260 & 15-USC-271/272 and is of real value to US DOD vendors in contract negotiations or other nations as Arm’s clients of US DOD.

Patent Stake Program

The Patent Stake Program allows investors and Companies to take limited risk investment Stakes, as an interest in both licensing royalties and to obtain, if they do need licensing against Patents use, a license at discounted rate.
This unique program allows access to existing patents and ones just filed at the PatAppFor stage.
As an early access program to monitize patent filings not yet issued patents, it allows patent inventors to provide their filings to PatRecGrup for inclusion into this program operated from Eastern Europe and other nations.
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For more information about regional licensing for our CRADAs or our estate liquidated programs, our our new Patent Stakes risk sharing program, free to email us at

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