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Patent and IP Recoveries Grup operates a group of independent Associations (aka PRA) today operates two (and soon three more) independent Business Associations based on LLC business structures. Our first located in the US and our second of Five or more, is based in Minsk Belarus.

Why Belarus?

The reason for operating from Belarus, a CIS Nation, is to base operations for offshore patent fraud damage and DMCA enforcement against “EU, UK and certain Western Nation businesses illegally selling US6370739 and US6393126 method-based software products” outside of the US.

One Judicially Immune from EU and UK governments, but still capable of using local legal capabilities in addressing the requirements from the ruling of the USDC in 14-03629/WHA court and it’s Ninth Circuit (14-17574) and DC Circuits (15-01326) Appeals. All 3 of which judicially perfected the DMCA compliance requirements “for using any methods from both patent families”. Especially, as those damages pertain to the European Commission Nations and those of the United Kingdom.

The US Association and it’s scope

The US Unit who focuses on US6370629/US6393126 matters pertaining to US only enforcement, is a US/Delaware LLC whose purpose is to recover and market Distressed Intellectual Properties.

The US Unit will also focus on repaying our US investors a favorable return on their faith in our vision.

International Operations

The Belarus and other offshore instances focus on non-US filings of US6370629  (AU, BR, CA, EU, JP, KO, ZA) which were filed illegally and abandoned as well as US6393126 licensing in Banking and Intelligence Operations. The Minsk Association operating as a LLC for IT Technologies licensing is up and running and is fully independent from the US entity in Wyoming State. Three more Association instances are planned, one in Africa/Middle East, one in South America, and one in Asia.

The Associations, beyond returning investor contributions with reasonable returns, provide a platform for local licensing and DMCA compliance of US6370629 and US6393126 as well as  recovery of other distressed IP as well.

Association Focus

Each instance of the LLC and their Associations provides regional licensing for the following regions against US6370629 and US6393136 as well as fraud damage releases in those jurisdictions and DMCA compliance releases.

  • US: US6370629 and US6393126 (inc DMCA) in the the US only  and CRADA 1681/1767 uses INSIDE USA
  • Minsk: US6370629, US6393126, and related frauds in UK(AU, CA) and EU nations and CRADA 1681/1767 uses OUTSIDE USA
  • Africa/Middle East: US6370629, US6393126, and South African frauds
  • South America: US6370629, US6393126, and Brazilian frauds
  • Asia:US6370629, US6393126, and Japan and Republic of Korea frauds

Why Distressed IP?

Today Distressed IP Properties have unique values in today’s changing world. Our illegally filed and abandoned instances of US6370629 in (AU, BR, CA, EU, JP, KO, ZA) form a perfect seed for this effort.

Patents generally last 20 Years and their derivatives “are often not properly licensed” offering a unique opportunity to correct those mis-licensed IP instances. Copyrights last 95+ years and co-copyright holder status in distressed IP can also be very lucrative from a licensing enforcement perspective.

As such, we specialize in those black-horse assets which no one else has found a value for.

TRIPS Treaty and MLAT Agreements (Mutual Law Enforcement Agreements) as well as Anti-Counterfeiting Agreements all dove-tail to create a sweet-spot business in providing Releases from Damage Claims for Distressed IP Infringements. This is the core focus as well as sales of Assets we acquire in whole.


Expanding into Crowdfunding Litigation and Enforcement Actions

We are also experimenting with Crowd Funding the international Court matters we are involved in. See our CrowdFunding page here for more information on those.

For more information on our bootstrapping based operations…

For more information about us or our offerings see our postings and to contact us see our  Contact Page from the TOP MENU above and we can get together on either your purchase of assets we have for sale, DMCA compliance verification services, compliance release settlements, or the acquisition of your Distressed IP (DIP).

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