The CRADA 1681 saga

The CRADA 1681 Program and it’s Sale

In 1999 Todd Glassey, Founder of CertifiedTime Inc. approached US Master Timekeeper Dr. Judah Levine about coming up with a method to commoditize the US Master Timebase per 15-USC-272. This was done by CertifiedTime Inc to allow legal instances of Governments timeclocks to be used in global navigation and financial applications. A service it wanted to charge for.

The US Department of Commerce has a specific clause in it’s Charter “to allow certain functions it runs to be productized and spun out into the Private Sector as Privatized Services”. Glassey’s vision was to turn the US National clock into a ePostage Stamp machine.

The CRADA 1681 program went live bringing US Government certified time to Tokyo Japan on April fools day 2001 and was operated by NIST for three calendar years under the CRADA 1681 agreement.

CertifiedTime however had legal troubles when it’s CEO falsified a board attestation document, and without authorization filed to liquidate CertifiedTime illegally in August of 2001 in a ch7 bankruptcy. All of which was done several days before the 9/11 catastrophe. Interestingly enough since Glassey was missing from that board meeting the CEO attested to, no board meeting could occur. Lack of Quorum was the issue.

In the USBK 01-54207-mm filing no board minutes, no notarized attestations and no Directors orders were filed. Just a one page document un-notarized, executed by the CEO claiming these things happened.

Additionally, all of the company’s property from two operations facilities in San Jose and another in Tokyo Japan vaporized as did the contents of the operating bank account. Further, all of the company’s property in Japan is still missing including atomic clocks and GPS receivers as well as three NIST ITS Program systems CertifiedTime owned and massive amounts of expensive and licensed controlled Softwares.

All of which were ultimately were sold to Glassey but kept from his new Company’s recovery.

Luckily, CRADA 1681 is a contract and as a Contract it was easily recovered. See the BRIEF on its estimated value here .

That said, ultimately CRADA1681, as was the estate of CertifiedTime, was sold to Todd Glassey from CertifiedTime Inc’s bankruptcy, USBK number 01-54207-MM. One processed in and through the San Jose Bankruptcy court. At no time did the US AirForce, or any other aspect or agency of the US Government, or any other 3rd party object to that sale. The sale completed for $5,210,000.00 in cash and claims.

Historically, CRADA 1681 was designed for CertifiedTime Inc by NIST to enable the remote calibration of a ultra-precision clocks as clones of the NIST Reference Clock (or other time reference standard for that matter). This can be used in Navigation or precision ground clocks for any number of end-uses. Especially when leveraged against the control over NIST services provided by NIST CRADA 1767 as well.

The design of CRADA 1681 was initially purchased by CertifiedTime Inc, Glassey’s company, as the contract to create a commercial service called “CommonView GPS“, and then for NIST to commercially provide that service from it’s Calibration Desk Services to Glassey and his clients exclusively.

Current uses: Currently that CRADA 1681 Service is used in virtually all key facets of government and private life “as the method controlling the remote setting of GPS Satellite Clocks themselves” and from them many other precision clocks as well, for both next stratum (S0/S1) services. These include massive numbers of Defense Systems (Cruise Missile, Antiballistic missiles, autonomous robotics and related vehicle systems as well as Aircraft Navigation and Open Water Navigation systems, and finally precision clock services for any and all Financial Service applications, including but not limited to securities trading.

CRADA 1681 also controls, private yacht and commercial shipping, remote timesetting in Weapons, surveillance, and computing frameworks globally. The methods are today used outside their use terms by many Government’s and virtually all GPS or other GNSS clients. The implications of such a situation speak for themselves.

Today the 1681 service contract is administered by PRA Minsk exclusively. PRA Minsk offers licensing and releases against the use of crater 1681 methods for any and all purposes to any and all parties under a flat yearly fee model. Additionally, CRADA 1681 itself is up for sale.

For more information please feel free to contact PRA Minsk from our contact page directly.

Supporting Documents
1) here is NIST accepting the contract to build this system. Notice who they built it for…

2) here is CRADA 1681 itself… See pages 12, 13, and 14

3) here is the Press Release about the development and use of it in calibrating the US certified time clocks in Japan.

See also for a description of the Technologies built.

See also NIST description of CommonView itself, all key Methods controlled by CRADA 1681 and it’s sale:

4) Here is the Sale Order of the US Bankruptcy Court in 01-54207-mm/San Jose selling off all contracts and certain gear in Japan. and while there is no patent rights created in 5h3 contract the copyrights are in fact created and we’re sold in the Court Sale order. Further, commercial methods were created because NIST facilitated the commercial sale of the certifiedTime network time/frequency delivery service as a property only CertifiedTime owned.

5) When CRADA 1681 is leveraged against CRADA 1767 it controls the sale and use of CommonView everywhere globally.

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