US LLC & Association Operations

Welcome to the US Operations Home Page.

The US LLC, now based in Wyoming, and its Association of Patent and IP Recoveries Group is the US Hub of operations providing US Only US6370629 and US6393126 Fraud Releases, Damage Waivers, and Exception Licensing in Energy. Especially those for Banking and Islamic Commerce, Weapons, Voting Systems and related Surveillance Systems being operated in the North American/US scope of operations only. Any and all foreign operations, or releases there must be obtained independently through the Minsk Operations Center.

The US offers full licensing of US6370629 and US6393126 release use as well as yearly Association memberships for PRA’s new TOPEC (Technologies for Oil Exporting Companies) program for Energy Sector members operating inside US legal scope only. All GDPR releases pertaining to EP0996708A3 or the other services must be obtained through MINSK Operations.

No releases or services for AU, BR, CA, EU, KO, JP, or ZA or their related theatres of operations are available, those are covered by other Non-US Associations (Minsk et Al) based on USDC 14-03629/WHA Dockets 116 &amp through 120 orders, as well as California Santa Cruz Superior Court #17-01908/Burdick rulings.

Feel free to contact us at info@PatRecGrup.COM for more information about these and other services provided.

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