Welcome to the Distressed IP Patents Page.

Distressed IP is Settlement based business, so its akin to Fraud enforcement actions.

That said, here we discuss Distressed IP in the form of lack of Patent Use Rights, lack of Patent Licensing Agreements, Patent and Copyright faud or antitrust releases, and other related matters including “Harvestable Losses” from Distressed, Stolen, or Infringed Patents we are marketing.

Current Patents our associates are working with we are as follows:

Our asdociates can provide for each of those to patents and their derivatives, which  are constrained by either a FRAUD LOSS CLAIM, or Stolen IP claim releases.

These releases are principally available from our offshore association member entities. In the US our associate, registered in Delaware, can only provide “A RELEASE FROM PERFORMANCE FOR THE SECTION 8 TERMS” FROM BOTH PATENT FAMILIES SETTLEMENTS for US Only purposes.

Antitrust Releases for US6370629 and US6393126 filings and derivitives are available ONLY through our Overseas Associate in Eastern Europe. For more information contact us or it directly.

Note: These include releases in each jurisdiction for the illegally filed and abandoned instances of US6370629 in Australia as AP54015/99, in Brazil as BR9904979A, in Canada as CA2287596a, in the EU as EP0997808a3, in the Republic of (South) Korea as KR20000032593a, in Japan as JP2000163379a, and in South Africa as ZA9906799a, as well as any of the 275 derivative child patents published as US6370629 derivatives. These are releases to “counter all sales of the patent family into those jurisdictions causing an antitrust matter”.

Additionally releases against non-US uses of US6393126 and derivative releases for its 105 children are also available through our offshore associate entities.

For more information, or as to how these Patent instances control various systems contact us directly.

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