• Welcome to the US6393126 Patent Page

US6393126  is a SEP (Standards Enabling Patent) and has 105 or more derivatives, all of which are controlled under the terms of the Settlement Agreement for its filing. A settlement judicially perfected in USDC 14-03629/WHA and affirmed in Ninth Circuit 14-17574.

US6393126 is unique because it simply should not exist, or rather its Inventor’s are not its actual inventors, and it is covered by a Settlement Agreement which constrains its use in an identical manner to the US6370629 Patent.

Our associates then offer a release from the compliance terms of the US6393126 (Trusted Timing Infrastructure) Settlement “to implement the Section 8 Program as required in Sections 8.7, 8.4, and 8.1 of the judicially perfected Settlement Terms”.

Parties using this IP may purchase this release directly or license for a per-instance use of the IP outside those performance terms.

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