Program: The CommonViewGPS (GNSS) Association

Welcome to the CommonViewGPS Users Association

We invite you to join us today! The CommonViewGPS Users Association is a licensing bureau for properly securing use of CommonViewGPS outside of laboratory conditions. It is a unique service bureau and provides legal coverage for parties using CommonViewGPS in operations requiring use licensing.

The Association, it’s structure, and global licensing program

The CommonViewGPS Users Association is a LLC who provides commercial entities, airports and shipping harbours, and National Authorities commercial licensing to use the privately owned CommonViewGPS service technology under Global IP licensing models.

The rights to use CommonViewGPS are commercially owned

If your entity or vehicular fleet is relying on CommonViewGPS today for calibrating it’s vessels or aircraft clock systems you need to obtain legal rights to use it’s services.

The CommonViewGPS Users Association is then who licenses users of CommonViewGPS globally (Outside the US), and is a derivative of the Patent and IT Recoveries (Restoration) Grup operations. It owns commercial rights for all non-USGovernment direct uses of CommonViewGPS based on it’s control of the sale from US Bankruptcy case CAND case 01-54207-mm. Laboratory uses are generally licensed for scientific research, but any and all commercial licensing is paid for on a yearly basis in a single payment model.

You can find the paperwork for this at the following hyperlinks:
1) here is formal NIST acceptance notice for the contract to build CommonViewGPS. Notice it was built for CertifiedTime Inc
2) here is CRADA 1681 itself… See pages 12, 13, and 14
3) here is a supporting joint press release between NIST and CertifiedTime about the development of CommonViewGPS and use of it in calibrating the US certified time clocks in Japan.
See also for a description of the Technologies built.
See also NIST description of CommonView itself, all key Methods controlled by CRADA 1681 and it’s sale:
4) Review the Sale Order of the US Bankruptcy Court in 01-54207-mm/San Jose selling off all contracts and certain gear in Japan.
5) now (today) all Commercial rights to CommonViewGPS belongs to Patent and IP Recoveries and is licensed to the CommonViewGPS Users Association

Airline, Shipping, National Memberships and securities or financial services licensing

Today there are four types of licenses available, Association Members, Aircraft Operators, Shipping Operators, and Government Use Releases.

Membership partners benefit as operators of the Association itself.

The other four (4) classes are based on a yearly fee model.

Aircraft Licenses are issued to air carrier’s or private companies priced depending in the Size of their Fleets.

Shipping and Oceanic Operators likewise pay a yearly fee based on the size of their Fleets.

Goverenment Licenses cover any and all uses for calibrating clocks in vehicles and computers but do not allow resale or redistribution of the services outside government uses, especially to Financial and Securities operations which form the the fourth group.

Contact Us

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Author: TGlassey

General Director, Inventor, IP rights crusader, ExPat

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