NEWSFLASH: Patent and IP Recoveries Belarus publishes Brief on Open Market and EU issues with EP0997808a3 fraud

NEWSFLASH: For broadest distribution – The EP0997808a3 patent fraud breaks the structure of the EU’s OpenMarket

The Belarus instance of Patent and IP Recoveries Grup (Minsk) has published the following BRIEF: on GDPR and its supporting BRIEF: OpenMarket and Schengen implications analysis, pertaining to the EP0997808a3 fraud and the related USDC 14-03629/WHA Court Ruling in the US.

SUMMARY: To summarize any and all technology controlled by the USDC 14-03629/wha Ruling MUST APPLY ONLY CALIFORNIA STATE LAW TO ITS OPERATIONS, EVEN WHEN OPERATED IN EU NATIONS.

This means GDPR, OpenMarket One-Digital-Market and all related Open Internet Controls are void legally speaking. The underlying technology they are based on cannot be run outside of the limited scope provided for in the USDC 14-03629/WHA rulings unexpected consequences.

NO NET NEUTRALITY is POSSIBLE: Hence, there is NO NET NEUTRALITY per say, only California Law and California Personal Privacy Act (CPPA) controlling all information flowing across all digital channels in the EU today.


Author: TGlassey

General Director, Inventor, IP rights crusader, ExPat

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